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Site Launch Progress So Far

Welcome to the Waking of the Gods official web page. I will be putting updates here on new stories, writing/editing progress and other writing related things.

As of now, the things that are going on are:

Over on my Patreon I am releasing "Visions" Book 1 of the series chapter by chapter at a rate of 1 page per day. It is available in PDF, eBook, and audio form. The book will be done releasing in May, and the physical book will be released in June ish. I am also releasing canon short stories through Patreon as they get written.

On all the social media, I drop pieces of short stories daily, so if you check in on them daily you can read the shorts (also availiable in full, day of first posting, over on Patreon.)

Progress on Books: Book 1 Visions: The book is written and edited in full. It has been sent to the formatter so it will be ready for print shortly. The only thing left is the cover, which is being designed right now and is coming along nicely. Once that is done, it will be sent off to the printer. Book 2 Transformation: This one has been written and is currently in phase 1 edits and continuity mapping. That process is expected to be complete by the end of February, at which point it will be sent off to beta readers (Feel free to contact me if you would like to be on the beta list)

Book 3 Execution: I started this one for NaNoWrimo 2020. So it is roughly 55000 words in, and coming along nicely. The plan is to start its continuity map in March and once it is mapped to its current point, I get to start progressing that story as well.

Books 4-10: These all have their base concepts locked in and who the main characters for them. Book 3 is giving me a lot of the information for laying out books 5-10, book 4 will also help me lock a lot of those paths in.

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