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October Update (I'll try to do them more often)

Lots of fun stuff going on right now. Below you will find, new projects, updates on primary projects, event list, and a touch on why I will be even worse at making posts in November, but will try to post more often. (Spoiler alert, Nano)

First off, a new project. Actually it isn't new, but the first book is being released, so it feels that way. We are currently running a KS campaign for the first book in the Aegis of the Elements IP which is an ecofantasy series that is being released in the form of interconnected short story anthologies. The first being 33 stories long and clocking in at over 350 pages. It also has audio stories. You can learn more on our Kickstarter or Patreon

Updates on Waking of the Gods: Visions is on sale, you can buy it right here on the site, you can also get it on itch and google play (Itch is slowly getting the twisted mythology for the WotG world short stories posted so you can get those too.)

Book 2: Transformation is getting a final beta pass right now. After nano, I will be doing the last edits before passing it off to Ron to get the audiobook started (should start releasing audio chapters to catch up on Patreon by the end of December.)

Book 3: Execution, the first of the books written from the point of view of one of the antagonists, is in the alpha reader stage. I have two readers on it, and will be looking for beta next so let me know if you are interested (Probably sending out beta copies in Feb if I have to give a rough guess.)

Book 4: It just got a name and will be what I am getting my 50k words on for Nano this year. Title is Foundations, and will be a book from Miadarra's perspective, also the first in the series that won't be narrated by Ron as I will have the books with female leads being read by a female identifying voice actress. But worry not Ron will be likely be back for book 8 (maybe 7, I forget what order I have 2 of the narrators in.)

EVENTS! This is mostly for my PNW folks as they are all in Seattle and Portland but here's what the next month or so looks like.

The rest of the weekends in October I will be at it's a haunted house where I run a merchant booth selling my books, as well as local art and indie board games. I also do a fire show or few each night (Fri - Sun). On top of what I do, there also 3 escape rooms, a beer garden, someone who does psychic readings, as well as the haunt itself. If you get the time, come check it out.

In November 5th-7th I will be a guest speaker at Kumoricon in Portland, OR, talking about writing, and world building and all that Jazz.

The following weekend the 12th - 14th I will be vending at Orycon, also in Portland. I'll be focusing on my book, the fresh new release of the Aegis of the Elements book as well as a little bit of local art and indie games. (All the while I will also be trying to keep up on my words for Nano)

And as very vaguely hinted at above, November I will be participating in my 3rd NanoWrimo. I have 2 wins under my belt (I started books 2 and 3 during Nanos) So let's see if I can make it 3 =)

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