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Cupid a Twisted Mythology Short Story


When I came into being, all I felt was joy. I suspect it’s what others feel in my presence. The powers I was created with also keep me from interacting with anyone else. I can see and hear them, and it seems they are at least subconsciously aware of me. I think this because if I approach anyone while they are walking, they will move out of my way. For this reason, no one has ever acknowledged me at any point in my entire existence. As lonely as that might sound, it has never been a source of sadness for me; of course nothing has been, it’s just not in my nature.

I spent my early years just studying other beings. I figured if I couldn’t interact with them, I could at least learn everything I could about them. Over time I realized that my presence affected the other beings of the world. It seemed that I caused attraction between those around me. It wasn’t everyone, but it was often. There would be two similar beings, maybe paying attention to each other, maybe oblivious, but in my presence they would become engrossed by the thought of the other. Usually this led to mating, sometimes it just led to a strange obsession, and on rare occasions it led to murder. The first time that happened, I learned to try to keep my distance, unless I believed the outcome would be good.

As the eons rolled by I came to believe that the gods must have created me. They seemed to have created all the other creatures, and there were even stories that some of the other creatures had talked with the gods. It was this prospect that gave me my first real purpose. I would find one of these gods and see why I had to exist outside the interactions of all the other creatures.

In time I managed to track down one of these gods while they were working on a new creation. I was both excited to get answers and nervous to interrupt the process, but I approached anyway.

I stood in front of one of my creators, dying to question them now that I had finally found one. They didn’t acknowledge me. I’m not sure why I was surprised. Nothing had ever acknowledged me in the entirety of my existence, but I thought if anyone would, it would be one of them.

I watched as they worked on this interesting new being. It was bipedal, which was not at all uncommon over the last several ages; many of the creatures of legend are, myself included. It looked like the giants, but smaller. It was physically beautiful like the merfolk, but with legs. It almost reminded me of a goblin with its inquisitiveness and enginuity.

After a while of watching the god work, I started to see that look of adoration that appeared on most creatures in my presence. Again, I found myself surprised. I shouldn’t have been, the god wasn’t immune to my curse of going unnoticed, why would they be immune to my aura. It seemed like an unwise design plan, but who knows how inexperienced they were when creating me. Maybe it was a learning process.

I quickly left their presence, but the damage was done. I had inadvertently caused the gods to have a new golden child. That one god shared their creation with the others and soon they had made many more in different sizes and colors, with different motives. Thus rose the age of the humans.

I accepted my fate as one that would never be acknowledged by these favored children of the gods, or even by the gods themselves. With this realization, I found a new purpose, an outlet for my curiosity and creativity. So long as these humans were the prize creations of the gods, I would maneuver and manipulate their growth as I saw fit. I studied them like I had the many creatures before, but this time, I got involved. I used the aura of my presence to influence key members of societies, causing some to rise and others to fall by enamoring influential humans with those that may change the course of the planet forever.

Of course I didn’t limit myself to just humans, in this newest age, they do hold the most sway, but there are others I have positioned into place. Soon I will push a standing stone and watch my machinations unfold.

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