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A 355 page 6x9 Trade Paperback Urban Fantasy Novel. The first in the Waking of the Gods series.
Available in Paperback, eBook, and Audio book (over 8 hours of story)
Prices include shipping.
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Blurb: A dream of… was it the Present? The Future or Past? In these Visions I… can not move, and yet, I am there, experiencing them, and the effects they have on me are real. They began on the night of my parent’s disappearance and continue to take both a mental and physical toll on me. I am lucky to have my friends, especially Danni and Mia to help me sort them out. Even with these glimpses into the truths of the world, I’m still left to wonder what fate has in store for me, what's causing these dark and terrible waking dreams, and what it all has to do with the ancient sleeping Gods. Despite the hardships that I have already faced, and the ones I now know will come to pass, my visions and other strange abilities enable me to help others and have led to such wonderful friendships—I wouldn’t change a thing.

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